Dance Mat Typing Level Stage

There are special exercise equipment for children. The first experience of working with the keyboard is the most important. Having learned one print correctly, then it will be difficult to retrain. It is therefore important to pay attention to initially acquire the right skills printing.

Unfortunately, my time was not lucky, and I type four five fingers. I think it’s not really affect the speed. Another thing is that the ten-method is easier to rest. So when it’s time to learn to my children, I took care of the training programs.

Recently, there are many effective programs for training to work with the keyboard. For independent work needs not only the computer, but you need patience and perseverance. Start teaching children can be a simple educational program, which is free, GCompris. Customers, French-speaking, easily translate its name: j’ai compris I get it. The name says that the program is designed for younger children. Developers indicate the age of two years. The program will help with the game to learn how to work with the keyboard, mouse movements to develop skills. This software contains about 100 games.